“Cheer Tikamporn” embarrassing liability Like borrowing money from others Announcement for creditors


There has been a rumor that Mary has been for a long time for Chiraphum and the current being accused of being Tom. Like women all the time before the news of Jin and Tei Phongsakorn came out for fans to be able to get together for a while and then embarrassingly accepted Said that he was dating, talking with his heir, the Big Ben Benjarakul family, as a special person Recently had a chance to talk on the Ten Day program. Reveal every story in life Both stories And the drama in life 

And who would believe that this young heroine Owe money to all around By the cheering girl coming out to accept the ten day show That he likes to borrow money from people in the pile 

“Actually, people like to feed others. People on the set When the ice cream car comes in We announced, everyone eats cheer. But when searching in a wallet Oh … no money As a person who does not carry a lot of money, he has to borrow a mother in the makeup artist, hairdresser, person on the set. Is that we do not intend to borrow We just forget that we don’t have money. Must borrow first Sometimes forgetting to borrow someone, let him remember each other  


Until the girl, Pat, even asked “Can you borrow a loan to understand at night?”  After telling this story to cheer, he said, “Oh, I forgot to return to many people as well. So I took the opportunity to apologize and ask to raise my hand to announce the creditors. To send a message to him. “

This event is done by two presenters, not laughing. How to find the creditors of the cheers will be as cute as possible. Waiting to watch in full. 

Follow the life of Cheerthikhamporn, who is full of hilarity and every drama. Shoot clearly, answer all issues In the Ten Day Show, Saturday 24 August 2019 on Channel 3 HD at three o’clock in the afternoon 

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