Hong Kong boiled Chenlong, defending the Chinese flag, showing his position among protesters.

jackie chan

 Jackie Chan prefers to protect the Chinese flag. Showing the position on the opposite side Amid Hong Kong protests Calling a rage from the mob, Hong Kong hates you!

    In the midst of the Hong Kong protest situation That still has no sign, will return to peace easily, even though it lasted for several months By the event, more and more in the prison When the protesters removed the Chinese flag from the pole Then threw into Victoria Harbor Until the former Hong Kong leader announced the award to bring the cause of the crime While at the beginning of last week Thousands of protesters raided Hong Kong International Airport. Until causing the cancellation of all outbound flights

    Last (14 August 2019) RT news agency  reported that while the protests in Hong Kong escalated into a democracy claim And many Hong Kong people are opposed to the government But Hong Kong's famous world-class soup, like Jackie Chan, immediately became the target of criticism. When he premiere his support for China

    In the interview through CCTV , the national television station of China, Jackie Chan, clearly stated that He was deeply touched and depressed by the events in Hong Kong. When he saw the "Five-Star red flag has 1.4 billion guards" campaign (5-star red flag with 1.4 billion guardians) of CCTV via Wei Po He decided to join this campaign immediately.

 In addition, for the said 5-star red flag Is the national flag of China, the figure of 1.4 billion Is the number that refers to China's population As a member of the Hong Kong community as a Chinese and as a guardian of the flag

   "I have traveled to many countries. And can say that our country has developed rapidly in the past few years I am proud to be a Chinese person. No matter where I go, the 5-star red flag is respected everywhere in the world, " said Jackie.

    In one episode, he also said Hong and mainland China Each is the place of birth and his home He loves his own country. And love your own home He hopes that peace will return to Hong Kong shortly.

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