Ukraine news latest — Paranoid Putin ‘sleeping in Kremlin office’ and ‘using body doubles’ amid fears of assassination

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VLADIMIR Putin is “sleeping in his Kremlin office” for security reasons as fears of a possible assassination increase.

According to reports, Putin is rumoured to have deserted his family in favour of living in Russia’s famous Parliamentary building as he doubles down on his illegal war in Ukraine.

In a TV interview speaking about the Kremlin, Putin said: “I have an apartment here, where I spend a lot of time lately. I work here and spend a lot of nights often.”

It comes as the tyrant has been accused of using body doubles by a trained terrorism expert.

SAS-trained Graham Yuill told the Daily Record: “You can tell by just looking at the photograph of Putin that something is not quite right.

“Each person’s face has unique characteristics that can determine if he is real or fake. However the photographs last week of Putin in Ukraine do mot match all his facial characteristics.”

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