Heart-stopping moment kamikaze drone hunts down Russian soldiers as Ukraine readies 50,000 flying bombs to ‘crush Putin’

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THIS is the dramatic moment a kamikaze drone hunted down a car packed with Russian soldiers as they frantically tried to drive away.

Dramatic footage shows the deadly Ukrainian device honing in on its target as it sped along a dirt road.

Footage shows a Ukrainian drone closing in on a Russian armoured vehicle

Further images appear to show the burnt-out wreckage of the car

UKRAINIAN MODUkrainian FPV racing drones fitted with RPG warheads[/caption]

The drone can be seen striking the armoured vehicle before the clip cuts out.

But images filmed by another drone appear to show the burnt-out wreckage of the car after it was destroyed in the blast.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), which shared the footage on Monday, said: “The SBU special forces sent the APC [armoured personnel carrier] crew and armoured infantry to hell ‘on the march’.

“Warriors from the ‘White Wolves’ group worked on the occupiers with an FPV [first Person view] drone.

“And another Russian BMP was destroyed by a kamikaze drone near the enemy positions by the special forces of the CSO ‘A’ from another unit.

“Did you want this land? So now mingle with her! We continue to work until complete victory!”

It comes as terrified Russian troops are understood to be bracing for a blitz involving 50,000 flying bombs.

Ukraine is said to be preparing to deploy thousands of kamikaze drones carrying deadly grenades to overwhelm Vladimir Putin‘s troops on the frontline.

A Telegram blogger, who goes by the name Russian Engineer, has predicted Ukraine could launch an offensive using kamikaze drones.

He has suggested an attack could be imminent after Ukrainian military observer Alexei Arestovich said Kyiv was readying a drone strike.

The Ukrainian General Command also revealed the formation of new tactical drone assault units in January.

Writing in a post on Telegram, the Russian Engineer said: “Alarming news comes from my sources.

“Recently, it became known that in the field of drone assembly, the buyers of the Armed Forces bought almost the entire market of fpv components in China, according to indirect estimates for 50-100 thousand units.

“They have already trained more than a thousand operators of these models.

“They massively make kamikaze from them with a cumulative grenade from RPG-7, or with a fragmentation grenade. And all this accumulates before the offensive.”

It comes after Russian air defences downed a Ukrainian drone south of Moscow on Sunday.

Three people were injured and apartment blocks were damaged, Russia’s defence ministry said.

Ukraine previously denied Russian assertions that its drones – also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) – have flown into Russian territory and caused damage to civilian infrastructure.

The Russian Defence Ministry claimed the attack on the town of Kireyevsk, in Tula region 220 km south of Moscow, involved a Ukrainian Tu-141 Strizh drone.

A statement said: “A Polye-21 electronic unit took action against the Ukrainian drone, and as a result its navigation system was taken out of action.

“The drone lost its directional command and fell near the town of Kireyevsk in Tula region.”

The blast curred at around 3.20 pm (1220 GMT), caused a large crater in the heart of Kireyevsk, a local emergency services representative told TASS.

GettyAn aerial view of heavily damaged buildings after Russian attacks in Toretsk, Ukraine[/caption]

ReutersA building on fire as a result of a Russian attack in the town of Rzhyshchiv, in Kyiv region[/caption]

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