I couldn’t work out why my bathroom STANK & was coated in orange grime… then I discovered old tenant’s dirty secret

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A COUPLE were left horrified after finding the cause of the awful smell and muck plaguing their bathroom.

Julia Lang-Malone and her husband were baffled by the thick orange “grime” that continuously appeared in the corner of their shower.

The couple found the stomach-churning source of the orange grime and foul smell

TikTok/@radhauswife/Julia Lang-Malone prised her shower open to find hundreds of cigarette butts[/caption]

TikTok/@radhauswife/The pair were stunned that the former tenants had been smoking in the shower[/caption]

The couple had moved into the home on the Gold Coast, Australia, last year, but couldn’t get rid of the dirt no matter how many times it was cleaned.

Despite scrubbing the shower over and over again, the foul stench also continued to invade – and upset – their nostrils.

Julia noticed that no matter how much elbow grease she put into it, the smell and the grime would still reappear when she swilled it with water.

“You can not IMAGINE the smell,” she told her over 20,000 TikTok followers.

“Where is it coming from?! There it looks like big chunks of tobacco from cigarettes.”

The tenant continued to investigate the mystery stink, unaware that she was about to uncover the former renter‘s dirty little secret.

Julia continued to douse the area with clean water, which sent a slew of brown particles swishing around her plug hole.

Seconds later, she spotted the stomach-churning source of the vile scent that had been tormenting them for months.

A number of cigarette butts began to slide out – confirming Julia’s suspicions that the previous tenants had been shower smokers.

But as well as puffing in the cubicle, they had also used it as their own personal ashtray and dumped hundreds of dimps in the hollow shower frame.

Stunned Julia says: “This b***h was dumping her cigarettes down this little square here so now we have an unlimited stash of cigarette butts in this thing here.”

The revolting video quickly went viral and racked up over five million views. But some people suggested the water could just be rusty.

The TikToker subsequently shared a follow-up video to answer people’s questions and prove her theory was right.

She and her husband filmed the moment they delicately prised open the shower frame to reveal a mountain of damp cigarette dimps.

In the clip, which earned a staggering 36.6million views, Julia says in awe “oh my god” while her partner adds: “Holy s**t!

“Okay I did [initially] think this was that fungus you guys were talking about when we looked at it last night,” she added.

“But if you look closer, it is 1000 per cent cigarette butts.”

The couple explained the smell had become “way worse” since they disturbed the secret contents of their shower.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Julia said: “It’s really, really stinky.

“We’ve basically wrecked the whole shower — which is a bummer — to get access to the cigarettes, but we didn’t have much choice because it was so disgusting and we were desperate.”

Social media users were in disbelief at the unbelievable cigarette saga and flooded the comment section with their opinions.

One wrote: “I am in actual shock! I can’t imagine how bad the smell is. Who does this?! I’m so sorry you have to clean that.”

Another said: “Who on earth was smoking in a bathroom? A teenager?”

A third added: “I knew what that was the second I saw it.”

And a fourth chimed in: “As a smoker, an ashtray left out in the rain smells absolutely foul the next day.

“So I can’t even imagine how bad this is.”

The dimps were jam-packed inside the shower, much to Julia’s disgust

TikTok/@radhauswife/The shower frame had been used by the former renters as a personal ashtray[/caption]

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