Donald Trump to break silence with prime-time speech after court appearance

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DONALD Trump will break his silence with a prime-time speech after he appears in court.

The ex-President, 76, will be taken to a New York courtroom after surrendering to authorities in Manhattan on Tuesday.

APDonald Trump will break his silence with a prime-time speech after he appears in court[/caption]

He is then set to make a prime-time speech from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida just hours later.

The 2024 Republican candidate will face cameras after he is fingerprinted, processed and photographed by prosecutors in New York.

He faces charges over hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election to silence claims of an affair.

Paying hush money is not illegal, but it is alleged Trump falsified records to misrepresent the payment.

Trump will plead not guilty to the indictment, which is the first-ever faced by a former president.

It comes as the businessman’s lawyer said he hoped the court appearance would be “painless and classy”.

The payment was delivered to the porn actress by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, who pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance law and was jailed for three years in 2018.

Joe Tacopina defended his client in a CNN interview, claiming: “This was a personal expenditure, not a campaign expenditure.”

He added Trump would stand up in court to “very loud and proudly say not guilty”.

His 2024 Presidential campaign has raked in over £3 million since the indictment last week, with the ex-leader pulling ahead of Republican rival Ron DeSantis in new polls.

ReutersIt is alleged he may have used campaign funds to pay Stormy Daniels[/caption]

APHe is set to make his speech from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida[/caption]

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