I picked up a new ‘dog toy’ for my pooch on the beach… but it was something that could have killed me 26 times over

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A MAN was left shocked after thinking he found a free “dog toy” on the beach – but it turned out to be hiding a killer creature.

Jesse Donnison had taken his pet pooch on a walk in Blackwattle Bay, Australia, when he noticed something floating in the water.

The dog-dad was shocked when he found a deadly octopus hiding in a ballNCA NewsWire

he sea creature hold enough venom to kill 26 adult humansNCA NewsWire

The dog-dad thought he lucked out by stumbling across an expensive dog toy, but that wasn’t the only surprise.

When Jesse picked up the toy, he was “freaked out” after a tentacle emerged from a hole in the ball.

“I just thought it had algae or something like that on it but then a tentacle popped out,” he told NCA NewsWire.

The horrified man instantly dropped the ball but was left scrambling after his dog, Otto, when he started chasing the toy.

“As soon as that tentacle came out, I knew there was only one creature it could be,” he said.

“I dropped it pretty quickly, more than anything I was worried about the dog. Otto tried to get onto the ball immediately.

“Lucky I even looked and didn’t just chuck it for the dog to go and grab”.

The creature lurking in the toy was a blue-ringed octopus, one of the most deadly sea creatures in the world.

They carry enough venom to kill 26 adult humans in just minutes.

Even though the marine animal is tiny in size, their bites inject venom deep into it’s victims bloodstream and can cause respiratory arrest, heart failure, paralysis, blindness and eventually death from suffocation.

Usually the octopus is active at night, spending most of the day hidden.

Jesse explained the octopus initially had a green seaweed colour but the more it moved, the clearer it’s blue rings began to show.

This sea creature typically has blue rings on its yellow body, but the rings only appear when the animal is disturbed, hunting or mating.

“I wasn’t so much scared as I was startled. I was expecting seaweed, so it was a bit of a surprise,” the lucky man said.

Though they are venomous, the blue-ringed octopus is a relatively docile creature and only pose a risk to humans if they feel they are being threatened.

This comes after one woman was rushed to hospital after being bitten by one of these deadly octopuses.

The swimmer, in her 30’s, was in the water at Chinaman’s Beach in Sydney, Australia, when she picked up a shell the rare beast was hiding in.

The lethal animal bit her twice in the stomach but she miraculously survived the attack.

Another Brit backpacker risked his life after letting a blue-ringed octopus touch his skin.

Ross Saunders claimed he didn’t realise that he had caught the “dangerous” animal at the time.

Jesse was terrified when his dog started chasing the lethal animalNCA NewsWire

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