We were charged £400 for a restaurant cancellation fee after I fell asleep & we missed our booking – it was outrageous

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A COUPLE have slammed a restaurant in a popular tourist hotspot after they were charged £400 for missing their dinner booking.

TikToker @xchloe_henshawx recounted the outrageous moment her romantic date night on the streets of Paris, France, was ruined.

The TikToker shows viewers the cancellation charge she received in an emailTiktok – @xchlo_henshawx

Tiktok – @xchlo_henshawxThe woman’s boyfriend not looking too happy after hearing about the charge[/caption]

In the clip, the woman explained she and her partner had accidentally fallen asleep and missed their reservation.

As the video continued, she showed the cancellation fee email the restaurant sent to her.

The camera then zoomed out and her boyfriend appeared in the screen and looked disheartened.

While he did have a beer, his facial expressions showed signs of defeat.

The woman said she reimbursed her partner with a “fair” trade off.

She said: “When your boyfriend gets charged a £400 cancellation fee for a restaurant because you fell asleep.

“So you buy him a drink.

“I think that is pretty fair.”

The video has more than 69,000 views.

Other foodies were gobsmacked with the charge.

“I would never sign such an agreement just saying,” a TikTok user said.

“OMG… been to Paris for years and that’s the first I’ve heard of it,” one added.

“That’s bulls**t,” another remarked.

However, later in the comments the TikToker revealed they got their money back after raising concerns with the owner.

Another woman has hit back at a restaurant that charged her £500 for cancelling her booking despite giving two days’ notice.

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