Horror as baby’s decomposing body is found in flat with three other young kids while ‘mum was out partying’

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A BABY was found dead under a bed in a squalid flat hours after the mum was allegedly filmed partying.

The three-month-old’s decomposing body was discovered in a locked room after cops raided the home.

Jam PressThe three-month-old’s body was discovered under a bed in a locked room[/caption]

Horrifying pictures showed the state of the home where the kids had been leftJam Press

Jam PressThe squalid flat where the baby was found[/caption]

Police found three other young children – aged 10, eight and three – on their own in the filthy property in Itapevi, Brazil.

The baby appeared to have died of starvation several weeks before they were found.

The other kids in the house couldn’t get into the sealed room where their sibling’s body was reportedly decomposing under the grubby bed.

Pictures showed the keyhole on the door stuffed with cotton wool to stop anyone going inside.

Cops had raided the property after concerned neighbours reported a foul smell coming from the home.

And horrifying pictures revealed the shocking state of the neglected property with piles of rotting rubbish, soiled mattresses, battered toys strewn across the floor and a filthy bathroom.

Police said the squalid home had been completely abandoned.

According to reports, the mum was not at home with the kids when police stormed the property on March 22.

Neighbours told officers she often left her children alone for days at a time to go out partying, Diario de Goias reports.

They also claimed that she stopped their dad from visiting them.

After being tracked down, she was quizzed by cops and later released on bail.

She faces charges of child abandonment, child mistreatment, concealment of a corpse, and homicide.

The baby’s cause of death has not been confirmed, but detectives suspect they died of starvation.

The investigation is ongoing.

Jam PressPolice said the home had been completely abandoned[/caption]

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