I dodged paying restaurant cancellation fee with clever hack after horror stories of diners being hit with £400 bills

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ONE savvy woman certainly knows her way out of paying a restaurant cancellation fee.

As stories of monster cancellation fines swirl around the internet, Val from San Francisco shared her own sneaky hack on TikTok.

TiktokVal from San Francisco is fed up of being charged for cancelling restaurant bookings[/caption]

eatprayvibe/TikTokVal shared her clever little hack online[/caption]

The TikToker who goes by @eatprayvibe is clearly fed up with restaurants charging customers for cancelling their tables.

“No bc why should I have to pay just give the table to someone else,” she captions her recent video.

“These restaurants got me f’d up.”

Instead, she admits she dodged the fine by locking her card so the cancellation payment wouldn’t go through.

The American then uses a Sims-style filter to depict her running from her house as cops chase her for her cheeky actions – clearly making fun of restaurants policies of charging guests.

The hilarious video has clearly struck a chord with others who share her frustrations.

“It’s the only way,” one writes.

Another says: “this is so smart”.

“MEEEEE,” writes a third.

Another TikToker was keen to share her fury at being charged £500 for cancelling a restaurant booking.

Lorida Quiambao was left stunned when she received an email that informed her she had been charged a huge late cancellation fee even 48 hours in advance.

However, the Australian hit back at the restaurant by taking to the internet to slam the fee as “ridiculous”.

She wrote in an angry post: “I understand cancellation fees. I’ve worked in hospitality before.

“They will probably book that table and make the money.

“No restaurant or business should be allowed to charge these kinds of cancellation fees as an offhanded thing.”

eatprayvibe/TikTokThe American then made fun of the cancellation fee policy by pretending the cops were after her for not paying[/caption]

eatprayvibe/TikTokVal is clearly not the only one fed up with being charged for cancellations[/caption]

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