Our neighbours call the cops on us all the time for being ‘noisy’ – so now I ruin their day with the ultimate payback

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A MAN got the ultimate payback on his neighbour who he claims always calls the cops on him for being too “noisy”.

The TikToker took to social media to reveal how he got his “sweet revenge” on his next-door neighbour.

The TikToker got ‘sweet revenge’ on his neighbour who he claims calls the cops on him for being ‘too noisy’tiktok

He held his speaker out of the window while blaring What’s Poppin by Jack Harlowtiktok

The woman can be seen standing up and heading indoors while the music playstiktok

The man posted the 15-second clip of his payback which has racked up a mega 393.5k likes and over 1600 comments.

The video shows his neighbour relaxing on a patio in her back garden as she sits in the sunshine on a deckchair.

The man then zooms into woman while showing his viewers a red speaker that he’s holding out of an open window.

The caption reads: “So we have this neighbor who calls the cops on us for being noisy”.

“So I decided to ruin her nice day out by being to noisy payback is a b*tch,” he adds.

The TikToker then begins blaring out the popular rap song, What’s Poppin by Jack Harlow until she begins to pack up her things.

The neighbour can be seen holding her phone and book before standing up and storming back into her house.

The man captioned the TikTok: “Revenge is sweet,” but he was quickly slammed by his followers who had other opinions.

One person wrote: “It’s not cool to play loud music man. Your neighbours have lives and loud music becomes a bad distraction. Please be considerate”.

Another said: “Come on people just want to enjoy there life don’t bother your neighbour”.

A third commented: “Or you could just be respectful because people don’t want to hear your loud music all day long. You’re the problem bro”.

A fourth fired back: “Sorry but I’m on her side. I also like silence and being a home owner I expect that I can enjoy my silence both inside and outside my home”.

The TikToker is known by his 412.7k followers for posting comedy skits, relationship advice and about mental health awareness.

This comes after a woman took petty revenge on her neighbours after hearing them “talk s**t” about the colour of her house.

She painted her home a “gorgeous New Orleans purple” to match her hair dye and loves the fact that it annoys her neighbours.

And a driver revealed how she took revenge on her neighbour who kept leaving aggressive notes on her car.

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