My parents spent £1,100 on a purebred Maltese – what they got was a terrible wannabe

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A WOMAN has shared how her parents forked out £1,100 for a purebred Maltese only to discover they had fallen victims to a scam.

The TikToker explained her parents thought they made a good choice with the popular dog breed- but their pup turned out to be something completely different.

TikTok/@squidsumThe TikToker said her parents thought they had bought a purebred Maltese[/caption]

TikTok/@squidsumShe revealed they had been scammed[/caption]

TikTok user @squidsum shared pics of what an actual purebred Maltese looks like wi the caption: “What my parents thought we were getting when they spent $1400 on a pure bred Maltese.”

She can be seen turning the camera to herself before pointing it at the -now- family pet, which is adorable but definitely not a purebred Maltese.

“We got scammed,” she wrote in the caption.

Some TikTokers were quick to note that the dog is cute even if it’s not a purebred while others shared their scam stories.

One said: “never buy a small dog.”

Someone added: “He lookin pretty cool tho.”

A TikToker said: “my friend’s dad paid the same amount for “pure bred pit bulls” and after a few years they’re the most braindead goofy dogs ever. definitely not pure.”

The woman defended the new addition to the family and said: “he might b a lil crispy but he’s still my baby.”

Another couple paid £1,800 for a purebred Pomeranian only to discover they were scammed in the sale.

A Brit family was left thousands out of pocket when they bought two Pomeranians online – and fell for a Russian import scam.

One woman was also left stunned when she realised her purebred £1.7k goldendoodle puppy was not what its papers claimed it was.

And another pet lover told how she bought a £3k purebred French bulldog puppy – which grew up to look shockingly different too.

TikTok/@squidsumThe little dog has nothing to do with a Maltese[/caption]

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