Warning issued as video shows adults swim past drowning boy, 4, as he sinks to bottom of pool – would you spot him?

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PARENTS have been urged to keep a firm eye on their kids at the pool after a little boy nearly drowned in front of dozens of people.

The four-year-old faced a torturous wait underwater for nearly three minutes as oblivious adults swam past him at the Thai water park.

Viral PressThe youngster dived into the pool packed with adults and kids in Thailand[/caption]

Viral PressBut he quickly began to struggle in the water at the Nakhon Water Park & Resort[/caption]

Viral PressThe four-year-old was eventually saved by an onlooker who spotted him drowning[/caption]

He was playing in the packed-out pool at the Nakhon Water Park & Resort in the Roi Et province on April 6 when he ran into trouble.

Chilling footage captured the youngster, known only by his nickname Captain, diving in before his near-death experience unfolded.

The boy is seen excitedly running towards the water, which was already filled with numerous adults and other kids, before jumping in without hesitation.

But his innocent dip soon turned deadly, as Captain can be seen visibly distressed as he struggled to keep his head above water.

The four-year-old frantically flails his arms in a bid to reach the surface, but his attempts to save himself prove futile.

Despite Captain evidently struggling to stay afloat, his ordeal went unnoticed by clueless pool-goers.

Several adults are seen swimming right next to the youngster, but they barely bat an eye as he sinks to the bottom.

Other tourists continue to paddle aimlessly in the pool while Captain slowly slumped below the surface in the horrifying clip.

After a distressing 170 seconds of struggling, one man finally noticed the little boy drowning and dived into the water to save him.

He quickly hauled Captain’s limp body into the air as other bystanders began to realise the gravity of the situation.

The boy was given first aid at the scene before being rushed to the Atsamat Hospital.

He was later transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Roi Et Hospital, where he remains for further treatment.

His mum Suparada Wattana, 21, said she had been taking care of her eight-month-old baby when her eldest son slipped into the water.

She said: “I admit to being careless, but there were also no lifeguards stationed at the pool.

“The water park should take responsibility as well. I’m very grateful to the man who noticed him and saved his life.

“Without that man, my son would be dead.”

The owner of the Nakhon Water Park & Resort, Chantana Champanuan, later visited Captain in hospital following the incident.

She reportedly agreed to take responsibility for the ordeal after saying the lifeguards on duty were all in the loo.

Champanuan said: “We have four lifeguards at the park in total, but unfortunately, they were in the restrooms when the incident happened.”

The incident serves as a reminder of pool safety for parents after a number of tragic incidents.

Concerns have already been raised over kids wearing blue swimwear, after a shocking image proved how the colour blends in with the water.

It shows how a youngster seemingly disappeared into the depths due to the similarities between the shades.

Viral PressCaptain faced a torturous wait underwater before he was hauled out[/caption]

Viral PressParents have been warned to remain vigilant when near water with their kids[/caption]

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