We paid £1,800 for a purebred Pomeranian in shocking scam – we actually got a completely different breed

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A COUPLE have told how they paid £1,800 for a purebred Pomeranian only to discover they were scammed in the sale.

The animal lovers claim they were duped into buying a different breed in a dodgy deal, seeing them warn others to “do your research.”

The couple spent £1,800 on their purebred pup – but were duped into buying a different breedTiktok/@notapombear

Tiktok/@notapombearThey began to realise their beloved furball didn’t look like a Pomeranian[/caption]

TikTok user @notapombear explained they will “never be sure” of exactly what stock their beloved furry friend Bear is made up of.

The owners set out to buy a 3kg Pomeranian for just shy of £2,000, but say they were “scammed” by a “fake breeder.”

They only started to suspect their new pet wasn’t a purebred Pom when Bear began to display some unusual features.

As a puppy, the furball seemed to display all of the hallmarks of the highly sought-after breed.

But as he continued to grow much larger than a Pomeranian, the owners began to question Bear’s heritage.

The adorable dog seems to sport a longer muzzle than most, while his ears are constantly erect rather than hidden among his fur.

The owners shared a TikTok video documenting his development – which gave the illusion that little Bear had changed breeds.

In another clip, they poked fun at themselves about being scammed by the breeder.

They wrote: “Mommy, did you really get scammed and I was supposed to be a £1,800 3kg Pomeranian when you got me?”

“Do your research better than me,” the caption read.

The TikToker explained their lack of knowledge about their pet’s origin in the comment section.

They said: “He is the most similar to a German Spitz, medium size. But will never know for sure.”

Responding to social media users who suggested a DNA test, the owners said they “definitely” will do so when they have the financial means.

In another clip, the couple also advised others to steer clear of “any places that are not certified breeders or adoption centers.”

They said: “Whatever breed you want to get, you cannot be sure you will get the dog you expect if they are not registered in a Kennel Club.

“You will be asked for a stupid amount of money and 90 per cent of the time will be unfortunately scammed.

“You should not encourage fake breeders and money maker breeders that mistreat and break dog breeds just for their bank account.

“I learned this at my expense.”

Since 2020, pet scams have risen more than 400 per cent as crooks target those desperate for a companion.

A reported 1,428 victims lost £614,226 to fraudsters during three months in 2020.

A Brit family were left thousands out of pocket when they bought two Pomeranians online – and fell for a Russian import scam.

One woman was also left stunned when she realised her purebred £1.7k goldendoodle puppy was not what its papers claimed it was.

And another pet lover told how she bought a £3k purebred French bulldog puppy – which grew up to look shockingly different too.

Tiktok/@notapombearThe pair are keen to warn others not to fall for scams[/caption]

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