We went out for dinner but were stunned to find the restaurant had added bizarre hidden charge to our bill

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A COUPLE have told of their outrage after a restaurant added a bizarre hidden charge on their bill.

Lisa Sun was left stunned when she was slapped with a hefty fee at the eatery in Sydney, Australia, for a “ridiculous, obscene reason”.

Instagram/@itslisasunLisa Sun and her boyfriend David were stunned by the bizarre reason behind the hidden fee[/caption]

Instagram/@itslisasunThey were outraged after being asked to pay a 10 per cent surcharge[/caption]

She explained that she and her boyfriend David had been dining out in Darlinghurst at an undisclosed restaurant a few weeks ago.

But after chowing down on their grub, the pair were left with a bad taste in their mouth when they received the bill.

Lisa noticed the establishment had added a 10 per cent surcharge to their tab – seemingly without reason.

She was aware that this policy usually applies to large groups, so was left baffled that the two of them were being stung for it.

Taking to TikTok to detail her dining dilemma, the Aussie explained: “When I went to pay I was like, ‘erm is this because there are two of us?’

“Would you not have charged us this surcharge if I came alone? Like how much smaller can this group realistically get, there’s two of us?”

The inquisitive foodie then found out the real reason behind the bumped-up bill after quizzing a server.

Lisa claimed she was told the “unreasonable” fee was added on “because there was live music.”

She and David were left furious to discover they were being charged extra to listen to tunes while tucking into their food.

The TikToker told her 38,100 followers: “I don’t know how I feel about that.

“How do you guys feel about being charged a surcharge that you didn’t ask for and you weren’t aware of prior to going to dinner?”

Lisa revealed she ended up stumping up the 10 per cent surcharge despite her reluctance, as she “didn’t feel like arguing.”

She continued: “I just paid for it. But in my head, I was a bit like hm, I don’t know if you’re allowed to do that.”

The TikToker took the opportunity to remind others it is “always good to check the bill” for surprise charges.

The video quickly racked up more than 15,000 views as social media users shared their opinion on the Scrooge-like policy.

One said: “Daylight robbery at its finest. They just do these extra surcharges knowing they can get away with it.”

Another wrote: “No way I would have paid! Especially since it wasn’t disclosed earlier – never heard of anywhere else trying to charge for that.”

A third joked: “Next they will surcharge you for using the toilet.”

And fourth added: “I would not be happy, what the hell! Enough with trying to bend us over the barrel for every little thing.

“Not my idea of a relaxing evening.”

Others demanded that Lisa name and shame the restaurant so that other potential diners don’t get duped.

We previously told how a furious foodie let rip after being charged extra just because of how he likes his eggs in the morning.

The Aussie was stunned to find they had snook in a surcharge for customers who preferred scrambled over poached or fried.

And this plush Singapore restaurant came under fire after warning people will be slapped with a cash penalty if their kids are “screaming or uncontrolled.”

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Instagram/@itslisasunSocial media users demanded she reveals the name of the Sydney restaurant so they could boycott it[/caption]

The pair claim restaurant staff told them the extra fee was for the live musicInstagram/@itslisasun

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