Girl, 10, stabbed to death by boy in children’s home was days away from seeing dad after being too shy to go on trip

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AN 10-year-old girl was stabbed to death at a children’s home just a few days before seeing her dad.

The young girl who was reportedly too shy to join the other children on a skiing holiday was found dead in her room last week.

NewsflashThe ten-year-old was found dead in her room in Wunsiedel[/caption]

NewsflashThe young girl was stabbed to death at a children’s home[/caption]

NewsflashThe girl’s body was found at St Josef care home[/caption]

Police investigating the girl’s death said their priority is to protect the suspect, an 11-year-old boy because he is “underage”.

The tragic incident happened at a child and youth welfare facility in Wunsiedel, in the Bavaria region in Germany.

The young girl, identified as Lena, had apparently stayed at the care home and missed the skiing trip because she was nervous, as she was about to be reunited with her dad for Easter.

Police said that the boy was identified as the killer after he appeared to be unable to answer any questions when quizzed about the death of the girl.

He lived in the facility with two other siblings who were not involved in the killing.

If found guilty, the 11-year-old boy faces no consequences for the crime since he is under the age of criminal responsibility.

Police said: “His protection is currently the top priority.”

Lena had been in the care home while a court decided on whether to grant custody to the dad, which was approved shortly before the girl, was set to leave the home, on 6th April.

She had apparently been looking forward to spending the Easter holiday with her dad but then 48 hours earlier staff at the St Josef home confirmed they had found her body.

One of her father’s neighbours, Sandra B., 33, told German media: “She would have had the opportunity to go to her dad.

“I’m stunned, speechless. I’m lost for words. I can’t understand why it happened like this.

“And all that in a home where there should be supervision. Where, as a parent, you think everything is fine.”

She described her as a “fun-loving, open-minded” girl who loved horses and playing the piano.

She said: “We did a lot, went to playgrounds, carved pumpkins for Halloween, went down the water slides in the amusement park.”

DNA evidence collected at the crime scene reportedly shows that the 11-year-old boy, who was at the same home, was involved in her death.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Upper Franconia Police Headquarters said in a statement: “This indicates that an 11-year-old boy from the facility in Wunsiedel was involved in the crime.

“Since the 11-year-old boy is not of criminal age, he was placed in a secure facility as a preventive measure.”

The child and youth welfare centre, home to around 90 children and teenagers, said it was “deeply shocked” by the girl’s death.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the parents, the family, our children and our colleagues,” it said in a statement.

Lena died three weeks after Luise Frisch, 12, from Freudenberg, North Rhine-Westphalia State, was killed on a playdate with friends.

Her body was found in an embankment with more than 30 stab wounds.

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