Putin foe Navalny being ‘slowly poisoned by Vlad’ in painful assassination as he loses 18lbs in days & suffers seizures

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VLADIMIR Putin’s foe Alexei Navalny has suffered mystery stomach aches amid fears he is being slowly poisoned to death after he lost 18lbs in just days.

The Russian opposition leader is currently serving time at a hellish prison about 155 miles north of Moscow, where it is claimed he is being silenced by the Kremlin.

East2WestJailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has suffered seizures in prison[/caption]

EPAVladimir Putin has been accused of ‘silencing’ his political opponents[/caption]

East2WestNavalny was jailed in 2021[/caption]

After Navalny was given the jail term in February 2021, the European Court of Human Rights ruled he should be freed immediately because of the risk to his life, but Russia rejected the decision.

However, new concerns have emerged over a mystery stomach condition that has caused the 46-year-old to have “seizures”.

It comes as he was again forced into solitary confinement for the 13th time since August last year.

During his latest 15-day stint in the grim solitary cell, Navalny is believed to have lost almost 18lbs, according to medical records.

His team fear he has been poisoned in jail and are demanding toxicological and radiological tests.

Vadim Kobzev, his lawyer, said Navalny suffered such severe pain that an ambulance was called to his cell but the doctor refused to treat him.

He said: “The medic told him ‘it’s spring, everyone has acute symptoms’.”

Kobzev claimed the onset of seizures prompted fears that prison authorities were trying assassinate the outspoken Putin critic.

He said: “They are poisoning him slowly, to make him deteriorate gradually but steadily.

“This might have sounded like paranoia if this was a different person, but not with regard to Navalny after he was poisoned with Novichok. 

“We’re going to press for toxicity testing and a radiological study.”

In 2020, a hit squad from Putin’s FSB secret police sought to kill Navalny by spiking his underwear with chemical warfare agent Novichok.

In January, dozens of Russian doctors signed an open letter urging Putin “to stop abusing” Navalny.

They also demanded he be given a “full examination” and access to proper medical treatment.

He is currently serving more than 11-years imprisonment for “politically motivated” charges of fraud and contempt of court. 

Kira Yarmysh, a Russian public figure and supporter of Navalny, expressed concerns over the man’s welfare.

She said: “No one knows the cause of his stomach ache. 

“He has never had this before. 

“And precisely this makes us suspect that perhaps he is being poisoned all this time, with small doses, so that he dies slowly and painfully, but attracting less attention.”

Navalny is being held in Melekhovo colony, which is a particularly violent prisonEast2West

East2WestHis welfare is chief concern of his legal team, who claim he is being poisoned[/caption]

Navalny, pictured in jailEast2West

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