You have the eyes of top marksman if you can spot the prowling puma in under five seconds

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YOU could have the eyes of a top marksman if you can spot the puma prowling its prey in under five seconds.

The cunning big cat has found the perfect hiding spot on this mountain in Patagonia, Chile.

hw photo and safaris / Animal News AgencyCan you spot the leopard before it pounces?[/caption]

Wildlife photographer Greg Harvey, 51, snapped the mind-boggling image to test his tour guides’ ability to notice the elusive animals.

He had previously struggled to see pumas in the wild as they so seamlessly blend into their surroundings.

Greg then took a series of images to examine their vigilance with three levels; easy, medium and hard.

His team had no problem pointing out where there was danger lurking – but this brain teaser has baffled many people.

So, can you spot where the puma is hiding before it pounces?

If you take a closer look to the left, you can see the creature has decided to disguise itself behind a bush.

We’ve circled the answer down below, but why not try put your skills to the test with these other optical illusions too?

In another real-life picture, can you spot this sneaky feline sleeping in this pile of logs?

Or keeping with the animal theme, are you able to find all three differences between these bumblebee images in under 10 seconds?

This out-of-this-world mind-boggling optical illusion isn’t all it seems to be, can you work out what you’re looking at?

If you prefer a wordier brain teaser, can you find the correctly spelled CRISP among a sea of CIRSPs?

Didn’t manage to find it in time?

Why not try spotting these two perfectly camouflaged deer in these rocky cliff scenes?

hw photo and safaris / Animal News AgencyThe cunning animal was lurking behind a bush while eyeing up his lunch[/caption]

hw photo and safaris / Animal News AgencyThe incredible image was taken by wildlife photographer Greg Harvey[/caption]

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