Horror moment cruise ship passenger has foot RIPPED OFF by boat propeller in front screaming tourists

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THIS is the horror moment a cruise ship passenger has his foot ripped off by a boat propeller in front of screaming tourists.

Gut-wrenching footage shows a man underwater desperately trying to climb on the boat.

The cruise passenger lost part of his right foot

He can be seen struggling to jump on the ship

He can be seen having difficulty jumping onboard as it appears his leg has been caught somewhere.

Horrified onlookers can be heard screaming as they realise what happened, with the man struggling to remain on the surface.

With the help of the crew he eventually manages to jump on the ship as blood drips down from his severed leg.

Footage from the scene shows the ship’s passengers gathering to help the man who is still conscious.

The horrifying accident happened in Sint Maarten in the Carribean near Bobby’s Marina.

Police preliminary investigations suggest the victim had jumped into the water and tried to swim towards a water taxi that was docked at the pier, according to local media.

He attempted to climb onto the back of the water taxi when his foot got caught in the propeller.

He was provided with immediate medical attention before he was immediately transported to St Maarten Medical Center.

He remains in critical but stable condition.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident. 

He disappeared underwater for a few moments

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